About Release Massage

Massages are the best gift you can give yourself. A massage not only helps relieve muscle tension it can be used to help with headaches as well as other health issues like anxiety and depression.

Massage is beneficial for everyone, from the athlete, to a busy mother, or a full-time office worker. Massage can help anyone improve the quality of their lives by destressing, relaxing, and releasing tension from the body and muscles.

Massage can help relax both the body and mind from the pressures of daily life. It has been known to improve sleeping, productivity, and most of all helps relieve muscles from stress and tension which can cause pain and discomfort.

At Release Massage Therapy you will receive a professional massage from a qualified massage therapist who will assess you and your situation (injuries, lifestyle, etc.) to design a massage programme unique to you and your requirements. This will be done on your initial visit and will be re-evaluated with each appointment. After some massage treatments a follow up appointment may be recommended which will be discussed with you, if necessary. You will also be given advise after your massage to help get the most out of your treatment.

We use New Zealand massage oils from Tui Balms made from natural ingredients.